Soul Care Unleashed (Client Access Only)

The time is ‘now’ to invest in your potential”.

Soul Care is a program that serves as an ongoing weekly or bi-weekly consultation on how to tailor your life into a shape that fits your style. This super-charged form of healing and priceless investment in yourself provides the benefit of going to deeper levels, creating extraordinary shifts, resulting in long lasting positive changes . My Spiritual Wholeness and Wellness Coaching can help you improve EVERY area of life — relationships, health, sexuality, love and intimacy, financial well-being, business success and spiritual growth.

Serving as a personal coach I work with individuals who want guidance in making positive life changes that lead to happiness. The mentoring process is designed to help you assess your entire life and assists you in creating the life you truly desire as you achieve balance and harmony in body, mind, emotions, and spirit. As your Spiritual Wholeness and Wellness Coach, I will serve you fully and, supporting you in your own self-discovery.

I can remember one day asking myself what would I do if soul care was a job requirement? Would I creat time to master it? What if it was a prerequisite to living an extraordinary lifestyle designed anyway I wanted? How much time would I invest in myself? What would it mean to me to become free from all that which binder me in fear and/or discomfort? Most importantly, what was holding me back exactly?

For me it was a lack of ‘know how’. I hadn’t the foggiest idea where to begin. But God made so that I guy I met through photography reached out to me after not holding a telephone conversation in years. Only to return after my awakening experience. And let me tell you he’s beyond amazing! Dave Lewin, a multimillion dollar Real Estate Agent, for Halstead Properties in Brooklyn, New York, has done wonders for not only my life but my lifestyle. His mentoring caused many life change shifts within my paradigm. The lessons I’ve learned from working with him are priceless.

I went from being unemployed, unemployable and unmotivated to finding employment to running my own coaching business, authoring my first book (currently in the publishing phase), manifesting myself into a condo (where I get paid to be there), full access to a vehicle I didn’t have to purchase, financial freedom and security and not to mention an inner peace unfathomable to the human mind.

I went from a poverty consciousness to one of prosperity in what seemed like a blink of an eye. So much so I wanted to teach others what I’ve learned. Upon learning about the space of the soul it occurred to me that’s where all the healing takes place; the seat of one’s self identity.

Paying close attention to the activities of the soul and the creation process I noted a correlation between our thoughts, feelings, volition and God that creates each and every experience experienced. A formula that guarantees a particular outcome.

If creating a lifestyle designed by you, along with experiencing life FULLY is a desire you would like to manifest sooner rather than later, connect with me and together we’ll make it happen!

Now is the time to take yourself off the back burner and become the main dish served with all the fixings.

Learning to change the way I related to my challenges has transformed my life. I’ve explored various techniques for self-improvement, and I love to share the ones that I’ve found to be most effective in my transformational work with clients.

It brings me tremendous fulfillment and joy to serve others as they travel their path to living a fulfilling lifestyle. It is so rewarding to help people like you discover that you, too, can transform by learning to relate to your experiences in a different way for a grander life.

I love working with people who are open to stretching their minds to new ideas. My clients are committed to experience a new, more fulfilling approach to life!

If you believe in you as I do and is ready to commit to you, Contact me at 516-376-7451 or by email at,, to learn how you can retain my services as your personal Wholeness and Wellness Coach. Dedicated to serving you mind, body and soul.