2019 Attitude for Gratitude Journal

photo credit: http://lemonlimeadventures.com


As 2018 has now come and gone and a new year is among us, change in the conditions of one’s life is often ensued. Whether it’s a change in diet, exercise, self care, personal development, economic welfare, relationships, or spiritual expansion there is always a desire for improvement in one area of life or another. These desires may cause one to lose sight of blessings already attained.

Wanting to keep myself grounded in God, good and Truth, I’ve decided to focus on matters going well for me in the instant, timeless moment of now. Moments serving as reminders of the grandness, power, strength, and most importantly love of God and God’s intent for me (peace, joy, blessings, prosperity in abundance, and life).

Each day for 365 this year, I will commit to journaling my gratitude for things experienced throughout my days and share them with you.