Journaling – Reflections

I don’t know about you, but there is nothing that ruffles my feathers than someone who doesn’t practice what they preach. I’d rather learn from someone who teaches instead. And a ‘teacher’ is one who leads by example.

Anyone who has or is working with me is required to journal. If not daily at least weekly.

I find journaling not only therapeutic but also beneficial for direction. It was through my own journaling experience I was able to identify fears and self -limiting beliefs I held for myself that I would not have been able to identify otherwise.

*So do not be alarm when I express moments of fear. After all I, too, am having my own human experience.* 😊

With nothing to hide, protect, defend and nothing to lose, I’ve decided to share my journal entries publicly. That way not only does my clients see I am not asking of them what I, myself, isn’t doing and secondly, they can see what it looks like and lastly, it makes me relatable.

Also, sometimes you have to stop and re-evaluate your current situation when you find yourself going in circles. There is nothing wrong with recognizing when you’re off course. Take a moment to pause, breath and prepare yourself for some good old fashion honesty.

I find journaling to be the best method when going inward. Whether you’re journaling in a 📓 or through the use of an electronic device 📲, getting your thoughts, feelings and concerns out in the open forces you to acknowledge them. From there you have two choices, attend to it or ignore it. Either way your truth is rooted deep within you and until you 👀 past the greenery and branches you will always bare the same type of fruit.

Journaling allows me to get to the root of a limiting belief along with providing me clarity during conflict.

What are your methods of obtaining clarity? Have you yourself ever kept a 📔? If yes, do you currently journal today? If not has there been a noticeable change in your life? If not, why not and what would get you to start?