Coaching Opportunities

**All coaching sessions are conducted weekly

    (via phone) on the same day and time.**

Coaching Package 1 – Discover Me Zone (3 Months Commitment)

If you’ve never worked with a coach before, this package is great for beginners. These weekly sessions are designed to’ — Identify any self – limiting beliefs you may have that are unknowingly holding you back — Assist you in recreating a belief system of your own truths for a stronger foundation — Expand your consciousness — Reclaim your freedom — Renew your mind Additionally, you will have full access to the ‘Client’s Corner’ Page. (Password required) for additional content to assist in your advancement.


Coaching Package 2 — Spirit Up (6 months commitment)

This package is intended for those who desires a deeper connection with the spiritual self and Source. With this package you can expect to: — Reveal your inner beliefs and bring your ideas about spirituality to the surface. — To get clear on who you are and the inner power within you. — Learn a new discipline and implement new spiritual practices, allowing your soul to bloom and keep you grounded and connected to your divine inner wisdom. Access to the “Client’s Corner” Page (Password required) for additional content to assist in your advancement


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