“As man is a threefold being, spirit, soul and body, so the Bible is a Trinity in unity. It is ‘body’ as a book of history; ‘soul’ as a teacher of morals; and ‘spirit’ as a teacher of the mysteries of being.“ ~ Charles Fillmore

Bible Talk w/Navaeh D. Trinity helps listeners and viewers alike learn to utilize the Bible as their Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth for a heavenly human experience. By applying lessons learned to real life experiences we bring the Bible to life so others may witness the Word of God in realtime.

Bible studies are held on Facebook Messenger Sundays, 1 pm EST for an hour.

Each week you’ll have access to materials to aid you during each lesson. We suggest you have pen and paper handy to take notes both before and during our sessions together. Having study materials on hand will allow you to write down any questions or concerns you may have.

*Please be advised * All lessons will be recorded and uploaded to this site as well as YouTube and Anchor.fm.