Sunday Sermon (January 26, 2020) — Suiting Up For Everyday Battles

Everyday we find ourselves at war with God’s adversaries. An inescapable presence within us. Taking shape in the form of lies whispering within the space of the mind. Lies created to arouse fears. Fears of lack. Fears of loss. Fears of failure. Fears of denial. And the most damaging — Fear of death.

These fears arises from a false sense of separation from God.

With God’s Presence being the only presence before time, space and matter, created from Himself, using the same substance that makes up He did He create us.

Prior to Eve’s interaction with the serpent she never had any thoughts of being anything other than a woman. She was going about her days wandering around both admiring and caring for the garden. Up until that point she was content and fulfilled with all that God provided. Never wanting for nothing.

That all changed when the serpent began interjecting thoughts in her mind. Causing her to disobey God’s instructions and go against his warnings and partake of the forbidden fruit.

The moment she accepted the idea of there is God and then there’s me, lies began to be lived as truths. Up becomes down, left becomes right and the light within her gradually darkens.

Both Adam and Eve were easily swayed from doing what’s right because of their lack of Truth. Left defenseless they encountered evil bare handed and unprotected.

They weren’t suited up in the armor of God. Instead, they were booty naked and unarmed.

Like both Adam and Eve, we too, go about our day ill prepared for the negative forces we are sure to encounter daily. Going to battle the Prince of the air. Where all things in opposition to God, good and Truth awaits.

Therefore, we must arm ourselves prior to engaging in the human experience. Like the Roman soldiers during the time Paul’s letters to the Ephesians were written, we also must suit up for battle in the right attire.

Join us this Sunday, January 26, 2020, at 1 pm EST on FB Messenger by CLICKING HERE and joining the group to learn how you can put on the armor of God for everyday protection against everyday battles.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you!!

Until then stay magically delicious as you become spiritually redefined.

Love & Light Always


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