Making money while I slept and getting paid to travel has been a goal of mine for about a year or two. And would you believe that’s what I’m doing now?! The crazy part is that I would have completely missed it. As crazy as that may sound it still holds true.

Ok…let me back up a bit so that you may have a better understanding where I’m coming from.

A YouTube follower of mine became a Facebook friend and told me about Trump’s event this coming 4th. Truth be told I don’t know what the hell was going through my head when I agreed to go but apparently I did.

Being an FB bud, he added me to a group where others are collaborating with each other about the event. At first I was like, “What the….”? At least that’s what occurred privately inside. Outwardly I thanked him for adding me to the group. With no intentions of ever going back. But then his behind started “mentioning “ me in his posts. I could have choked him until he turned all shades of blues. Just short of flatlining. But of course I didn’t.

Then there were the notifications I would receive throughout the day. And my nosey ass couldn’t resists opening them. Each time I would I found myself becoming more excited. Not only was I excited because I would finally meet the faces behind the screen names of amazing individuals but I can also meet my President. The Chief of America, President Trump!

Yes….I love my President.

The love and respect I have for President Trump stems from reading his books when Obama was in office and he’s proven to me EVERYTHING his books stated had proven true for me when he became President.

My respect for him doesn’t come from how he speaks but the actions behind his words. And so far he’s winning. Thereby causing America to win. How sweet is that?

So yea I’d love to meet him!

After which I got an idea to create a few tee-shifts to wear while I’m there. Going on I designed a couple of humorous — patriotic shirts. Wanting an opinion from someone who shared the love for America as I did, I took a few screen shots and sent them to the FB bud I wanted to choke the hell out of a few weeks prior. Hey…don’t judge me. I believe in working with what I got. 😁

Truth be told that was one of the BEST moves I did. He loved them so much he’s purchased enough to fund my trip! For that I am beyond grateful. Grateful for to both him (my biggest supporter) and to God (my sole Provider). If it wasn’t for them, I would not be able to get paid to travel AFTER doing what I love most – – Creating.

For that, Jerry Kruger, I thank you for being an amazing soul.

Love ya muches! 😘🥰 🤗

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