Today I am grateful for the day as a whole.

(1) I babysat my grandchildren and enjoyed every moment.

(2) Everywhere I drove, parking was waiting for me in close proximity to my destinations. Like front door proximity.

(3) Had a few laughs with total strangers in good spirits.

(4) Made money.

(5) An opportunity presented itself to generate more income.

(6) In addition to that, I was able to do what I love most and that’s teaching and empowering a weary soul, who left my presence with understanding and love.

(7) I connected with individuals I hadn’t seen since November. Usually we would connect 2 to 3 times a week but due to our schedules it wasn’t possible before today. So that was nice.

(8) Arrived home much earlier than I had expected.

(9) No sooner did I think about a meal the very restaurant I craved popped up 2 blocks later.

(10) I came home and all utilities were in working order and both cats were alive and playful.

Yes! Today was definitely magically delicious!

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