It was never my intentions to set out and do any type of soul work. It just so happened soul care was the result of my actions.

It seemed like it was just yesterday when I was Googling articles on uncovering, unlocking or discovering my niche. To which none of them worked for me. Not saying they were worthless pieces of information because this isn’t the case. They just didn’t work for me. What did work, however, was focusing on what mattered to me most and learn as much of it as I can by putting the teachings into practical use daily. This way I can acquire an empirical knowing. What I’ve found overtime that mattered most was a spiritual connection. Something greater than my fears. I didn’t care about names or labels. I wanted to find what linked me to that Higher Source.

In doing so a crap load of things unfolded. For starters I’ve come to realize I am not the human being responsible for a soul. I am the soul body having a human experience. I am the direct extension of God Source. There is nothing or no one I must go through to have access for communication. There is never a time when I am not in communication with God Source. Every thought I have I am communicating with God Source and It responds by mirroring my thoughts back to me. Every emotion I felt I was in commune with God Source. It responded back to me more of the same so I may continue to feel the way I’m feeling. Every will willed spoke directly to God Source, Whom in return gathered all of the cooperating components necessary for the fulfillment of my desired experiences. In other words, God Source always interacted with me. Even when I’m not conscious of it.

Another thing I’ve come to fully understand is that all is energy. There is nothing that isn’t energy. There is one grand energy field (uncontainable) is forever transferring, transforming and transmitting Itself. In doing so created the triune of man , Spirit, soul and body. With the soul as the medium between Spirit and man each form having its own consciousness. Spirit is God consciousness; soul is self consciousness; and, body is world’s consciousnesses.

Understanding the interconnectedness of not only the triune of man but also the make up of the soul (logic, emotions and will) has allowed me to create a 🌈magically delicious life for myself. And I desire the same for you!

It is the very purpose for this read. I wanted to teach (not convince) others what I’ve come to learn and experienced personally.

I’ve took great care in combining years of study into one book. No need for you to make unnecessary errors along your way when you don’t have to. Unless you want to. The choice is always yours. I’m providing you with options. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting to. It’s always good to know for sure. Just don’t make a habit out of it.

Leaving out the fluff this read is clear, concise and most importantly simple. I mean hell even the most intellectual understands simple words so why not utilize it. I want as many souls to come to understand themselves and the power they are made of. As many as are willing themselves to purchase my book.

This book is intended to teach the reader about the soul and the importance and benefits of doing so. Understanding the soul body is to know it’s role, purpose and function. The soul body, as stated before, is where logic, emotions and will takes. These are the activities of the soul. In other words you are the thinker, feeler and doer. Those three activities does not take place anywhere else. So to deny yourself as the soul is to deny the fact you think, you feel and move. It can be no other way.

In the beginning of the book I introduce you to metaphysics. Nothing deep or complicated. Just something to set the foundation. A foundation cemented in Truth. Not my truth or your truth but Universal Truth. A Truth that comes from an innate knowing. It cannot be understood intellectually. One must come to It spiritually. The place of the soul. The thinker, feeler and doer. When you come to the place where you can feel, think and move with purpose you are guaranteed to make better decisions; become more freer mentally; exhibit courage where there was once fear; and THAT’S when life will begin for you.

You will begin to feel unstoppable. Your dreams will become bigger. A purpose will develop. Giving all the heartache, grief and mental anguish meaning. Making all of this worth while.

If there is someone you may know who you believe can benefit from this teaching style, please, share the blog. Heck, share it for the sake of sharing it. You never know who all may need this.

Love ❤️ and Light 💫 Always

Navaeh D. Trinity

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