Never would I have ever imagined the fire safety classes taken throughout my childhood would serve me well today — Even in the absence of an actual blaze. Nonetheless, the heat from the fire less flames can still be a scorcher.

Luckily for me, firefighters aren’t need to squelch this heat. I have not only a heat detector but also an extinguisher. Installed within me.

This ‘heat‘ I’m referring to is the heat that comes from a passion fueled by a bit of rage. You know that emotional energy, followed by thoughts of truth, carrying with it a negative charge. A charge intense enough that it lingers in the space the transmitter once stood? One which can be felt upon arrival as if to announces its presence?

Unlike fire which can be seen and contained, heat cannot be. Unseen but deeply felt, it permeates through anything that is. Shaking the inside of the soul’s outer shell, it rattles the emotional state of the soul being . And as the Spirit rejects it, the soul holds on to it as if it depended on it to keep alive. Not realizing it is the very same thing killing it. Only to die a death never to be.

Well today was my experience with that heat and man was that bad boy hot!

As I was working on a project, a telephone conversation was taking place. During that conversation I was brought into it by being used as an example for a discussion being held. However, the details about me and my situation were incorrect. In my attempt to clarify it, I went from “being provoking” to “being an egoistical human being, with no regards to how I speak to people”.

The fact that I could hear the pain in his voice and saw the tremor on his face, I realized he was hurting so deep and for quite sometime now, anger had set in. What was the source of pain? I don’t know for certainty but it is my belief he would rather I not communicate with him in the manner I do. Because in doing so he may feel inadequate when he speaks.

In any case, since it was not my intentions to see him hurt, I STOPPED trying to clarify anything and immediately apologies. Well needless to say, the apology was engulfed by heat and never reached him. He kept on with the bantering as heat danced through and around him.

Frustrated and slightly confused I began fueling heat. But it became too unbearable and I just had to DROP “it”. Yet, with him being a source for heat, heat became a source for him, in which he was directly plugged. He, without knowing, was operating off of its negative charge.

Recognizing at that point there was nothing more for me to do to remedy the situation, I decided to ROLL with the wave heat caused until it died itself away.

Being conscious of knowing when someone wants clarification or just a desire to “be” right, I can extinguish the blaze brewing in the inferno of one’s unspoken truths long before it can awaken.

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