“Such a small word, with even a smaller existence, yet, it is the ruler of the universe. It’s illusion, so captivating. Everyone is against it but more of it is desired. There never seems to be enough of it but it’s the most wasted. It is the very thing we try to catch up to, just to turn and run from it. People fear it and welcome it at the same time. Aaahhhh the dual illusory of time.”

Time, as we know it, only serves the purpose for social order. Without it there would be chaos. Everything would happen all at once, with many things left undone. Yet, what is really occurring is the consistent flows of never-ending Nows. Everything and anything that can and will happen, will only transpire in the Now. Now, is all there ever was, ever has been and forever will be. The past tense doesn’t acknowledge time for the past only consists of thoughts of regrets and memories. Whereas, as the future tense, are filled with worries and wishes. Nothing ever gets accomplished in the past or the future….only now.

We may not be able to control what happened nor can we control what’s going to happen. However, we have absolute control over everything we do in the moments of now. We have ABSOLUTE 100% control over all of our thoughts, speech and physical movements. There is nothing we can do to change what already transpired, but we can direct and control, what we are going to do, individually.

Putting it into Practice:

Stay in the present moment every moment. Experience the world through your 5 senses. When you eat, look at your meal…I mean really LOOK at your meal. See the variations of colors, with your eyes. Smell the aroma of each ingredient with your nose. Feel the texture with your tongue. In other words, experience your meal.

When you are interacting with others, listen to their words intently, by giving them your undivided attention. Take the ‘time’ to find a solution instead of wanting to be right. Don’t rush through anything. Remember, haste makes waste.

If you are stuck in traffic, keep calm and remember, this is one of the things that “will happen”, it just so happens that it happened during your own now. During moments such as these, I like to take the opportunity to appreciate my surroundings. However, I find my entertainment just observing people in their vehicles. The things we do when we forget we are in public never cease to amaze or amuse me. Hell, I, myself has been known to car dance (yes, car dance) with other drivers when my music is turned up and I’m dancing like nobody’s watching.

Namaste 🙏

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