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“There is absolutely nothing better than living a truth from a foundation built by he who discovered the truth”. ~N.D.T.

While I’ve come to learn and discover many things during this lifetime, I find truth to be the most valuable thing I’ve come to have a deep knowledge of. I can totally relate to the philosophers of the earlier years and their search for it. There is something euphoric about having an absolute KNOWING that something that is will always be under all circumstances and conditions. For me there is great comfort and security in truth.

However, truth isn’t something easily obtained. Because it requires a lot of practical effort that many are either not prepared for or reluctant to do, belief is often times mistaken as truth. You see, beliefs are thoughts you continue to think and have been thinking for so long, they’ve become beliefs. But you cannot experience belief and truth can only be obtained through experiences.

My goal today is to help you distinguish true from truth to enable you to determine which of the two you are you living by.

True/Belief vs. Truth

First I would like to provide you with an understanding of what I mean when I use the words true, belief and truth before continuing.

The word True is your perspective of a thing.

The word Belief is a thought you continue to think and have been thinking it for sometime.

The word Truth is universal (instead of personal) and remains unchangeable.

Now how would the above look in a real life situation? Take a look at some example below:

Truth – You desire $100,000

Belief – You’ll never have it

True – You’ll never be able to get your hands on that amount of money

So here ‘lies’ your truth…you would really love to receive a check in the amount of $100,000 but because it is your belief that amount is impossible to obtain, it is true for you that you won’t ever see that amount. At least not without winning the lottery and that doesn’t even appear likely to happen.

However, if you make the conscious effort to alter your beliefs (by changing the thoughts you’ve been thinking) what’s been true for you will change and you will have developed a new truth enabling you to have different experiences. How cool is that?!

But how is this done? How can one change what they’ve been thinking for decades to thinking something different, especially, when what is has always been? It almost seems undoable…right? Well not so fast. Just the same way you’ve come to develop your current beliefs, you can do the same thing to recreate new ones. It just takes conscious effort, practice and a deep desire for better. Whilst it may not be easy it IS possible and the end results will be unimaginable. And the best part of this experience is witnessing it unfold right before you eyes as it is happening.

It doesn’t matter what your desires are. Whether you desire love, a better career, more prosperity, money or freedom, you can acquire ANYTHING your heart desires and your mind can imagine.

But in order to do this you must first learn something new from someone new and secondly, what’s learned must be applied in a practical manner because without direct application, no change can come about. No matter how good the information provided may sound.

So I ask, are you living through the beliefs that has become true for you due to the conditioning of your environment? What has been your experiences?  Are your beliefs prohibiting you from achieving a particular goal?

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