Since awakening yoga-exercise-smiley-emoticon.gif to my current state of consciousness I’ve been on one hell of an sensational roller coaster ride and when I say ‘sensational’ I mean that in a literary sense. I allowed myself to FEEL. An act I was taught not to do. Instead for decades I ‘sucked it up’ and put on a brave face while going throughout my day. Never once did I question if it was the ‘right’ thing for me to do. I just accepted it as truth…MY truth. Boy did I have life twisted ass – backwards.

Today I find that after 2 years later I am still in the process of developing my own truth. The first thing I began to realize when I started creating a new way of being was that I was working with a blank canvass!

 fef633c507a9f263b9f394e9fcf3c23fI can create a me that was more suitable and fitting for the new me. A me that now lives courageously even during the time when I’m fearful.

**Please know that what I am going to share is solely based on my own personal experience that created my truth through my filtered perception. Okay? Cool!**

Truth #1 – It is always ‘now

“Time is a linear measurement of past failures and future worries occurring simultaneously in the present moment of now”. ~Navaeh Devansha Trinity

I remember the moment as if it had just occurred. I was sitting up on my bed with my back against the headboard and my weight was on my right arm as it was folded slightly on a pillow. Laying next to me was the Mister who was tapping away on his phone as he laid on his back. During that time I literally spent every waken moment learning and practicing my spiritual teachings. Like LITERALLY. I quit my job because I couldn’t focus or think of anything else. I had to make sense of the chaos I was experiencing after my spiritual awakening. My sanity depended on me making sense of the whole experience. I thought I was going plum cray – cray. Hell before the experience I’ve never even heard of a spiritual awakening so I was totally unprepared and alone during the process.

Well on that particular day I was into the notion of time. I wanted to know as much about it as I could. This lead me to Eckart Toole and The Power of Now. Holy beans!! Let me tell you…THAT right there caused a paradigm shift within me. A shift that has left me forever changed. I remember making the conscious effort to focus on my current surroundings without thoughts about them. Then as I made my way around the room (visually) I said to myself, “This is all there is. There is nothing going on past this moment”. And I shit you not! I had this weird sensation course through my body and in a blink of an eye time stopped. Everything seemed to have gone still. All I knew was it was IS now and nothing came after it. The head banger of this whole experience was watching the Mister moving in time. I concluded right then and there that each and every one of us are having our own separate experience.

Just take a minute and think about it. What if you are the only one who is experiencing life the way that you are? Imagine, just imagine, if you really did live in your own private bubble smilelivinginabubble.png. A bubble without visible boundaries, allowing you to interact with other bubbled souls. Does that free you or scare you? For me? Both. Truth be told, it still frightens me a little. I guess it’s because it allows me freedom to create my personal reality, yet, there’s a sense of loneliness that comes with it. In any case, this is how I live my moments. I’m only concerned with time when I have appointments or I have to be somewhere and I am restricted to time. Other than that, I live moment to moment.

During the times I may get caught up in the human experience I remind myself that if I cannot create, influence or control whatever it is that is causing me mental anguish I am to let it go. Then I do and refocus my attention towards something I can create, influence and/or control and instantly I begin to feel better. There are times I can notice the subtle changes in my body’s chemistry go from survival mode to homeostasis (when your body goes into rest mode). This is when life is most  pleasant for me. The moments when I’m relaxed doing what I love without the constraints of time.

Do you think you can live moments that are timeless. When the hours and minutes no longer apply to you? Let me encourage you to do just that. The next time you have nothing important to do or even during your commute, just forget about time and take in your surroundings. No rush…no worries. If you do decide to do this, leave me a comment below and let me know what was your experience like.

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