Since this mass awakening to “truth” many churchgoers fled from their prospective churches and along with it, began to disregard the Bible and its teachings. But to understand the Bible is to know its contents are for the ways of the Spiritual being (individual soul) and not the physical mind body . It is not to be taken literally nor is it to be read with the use of today’s vernacular. 

    This book is a book of parables and allegories that is used as a guide to obtain a heavenly state of being by behaving in a righteous, noble and conscious way, while here on earth. 

    All things are energy and energy never dies. It only transforms, transmute and transfers. Thus, you are an eternal being operating through a human body. You are not a body with a soul but a soul having a human experiences within a body. So while the body will cease to exist the You who is aware of the body and all things around, will never die. 

    Jesus Christ spoke about this often. Which is why he taught morals and ethics. He used stories and metaphors to express this. He also made many references to thought and consciousness, as he knew the importance of this knowledge. Jesus never taught a religion but a discipline that should be followed. 

    It is important to know that the stories told about Jesus are told through individualized perception. Thus, only truth, should be sought in the message. In other words, two people can stand side-by-side and look at the same tree. If asked to describe the tree, we’ll find that while there may be similarities, many differences will also be noted. If we take out the fluff (personal opinions about the tree) we will get to the “truth”. That there is a brown trunk made of wood with branches, twigs and leaves. Anything else mentioned are a matter of opinions. Given there is nothing else in the tree. 

    However, it was groups of individual people that decided to form religions around Jesus. He did not teach a religion but taught goodness, fairness and most importantly, love. He taught that the Creator (named God by Man) has the ability to have goodness and prosperity made available to us, IF we do a Certain thing a Certain way. The Universal Law of Attraction/Law of Cause and Effect, states the same. 

    Jesus stating, “Believe in me”, simply implies his asking us to believe him and the words he speak are truth without having experiencing the rewards spoken of firsthand. 

    We live in a universe of vibrations and frequencies. Therefore, there are Laws we are governed by beyond those made by man. Man’s “laws” are NOT Laws but rules and regulations set for human social order. While these rules and regulations are not necessary they are required. 

    With a planet encompassing many individual worlds, governed by thought and biochemicals, rules and regulations must be adjusted accordingly. Laws, however, are phenomenas at work every moment there is a moment, per individual soul, consistently and just. It is not capable nor able to operate any other way. Hence, Katma’s a b!tch. So while the body may experience an event one way, Laws are working fairly. And since Laws works according to vibrations and frequencies, we are able to reap desired results whenever we make a conscious decision and effort to. 

    This is what science, philosophy, yogies, quantum mechanics and math speaks of. They all explain the one thing that intrigues us all – THE SOURCE OF CREATION. 

    That is the only thing each soul truly wants to know about…”Where did I come from?” 

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