I’ve learned a whole lot during my journey. And many have became kmowledge. But of all things discovered I’ve come to personally know this if nothing else and that is:

We are NOT equal to God but instead we share a Oneness with our Creator. To say we are equal demonstrates a lesser position. However, to share a Oneness is to feel an intense presence of love WITHIN you.

God’s love is more intense than the anger felt on the most angriest day. Let’s not forget anger subsides. But God’s love is never ending. It is an energetic field that flows through you like a tickle that doesn’t annoy you but makes you feel giddy all day every day. In fact, I have a new appreciation for the term ‘madly in love.’ When this type of love is experienced no other type of love will do. It’s a love one can’t help to share and spread across the universe and the thought of not being able to do so leaves one feeling as if insanity is sure to rush in.

So how do we experience this Love? 

Contrary to belief it is not by ‘accepting’ Christ as your Lord and Savior but BEHAVING like Christ. Hence, Christ-like. The Jesus story gave us an opportunity to experience heaven on earth through his teachings. We were given a step-by-step guide how we should act and interact, in solitude and amongst others.

The story does not imply he ‘died’ for our sins but more like was murdered for speaking and living God’s truth. He was persecuted out of the ignorance of followers of false teachings. And after all he encountered, he displayed forgiveness in the end.

Following and exercising God’s laws by using your gifts and talents for the bettering of others and not for self gain, demonstrates your love God. For it is in your self gain you hurt others. Which goes against God’s laws. But when you focus on the betterment of all, God will focus on the benefit of you. 

God’s love is true love recycled! 

What are your thoughts? Do you think you can become Christ-like? If not, why? Share your thoughts with me. 


2 thoughts on “Where’s God’s Love?

  1. Hello! Just saw this. I want to love everyone. I have started loving more completely & trying to see good in everyone because I feel like it is becoming urgent that we show one another love & compassion & respect. But, why does it seem like the more love I give, the more people hurt I get in return. I have changed so much these past years. I just want to always do “the next right thing” and “treat people the way you want to be treated”. And for the most part, I have. I am a very “real” person and I am may be too honest for some, or maybe it is something else. How can I love people who won’t let me, & where can I find someone who will love me in the way I love them, whether as a friend or more. I want to “wake up” and help myself & others to awaken. I try to be like Christ and fall woefully short. I will keep loving. Thank you.

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    1. Hi Jessica! What I’ve found that has helped me tremendously is loving others with the understanding that one is unable to love others until they have learned to love themselves.

      With regards to falling short in the eyes of Christ, I literally ask what would Jesus do and do it. No matter how someone treats me I treat them like he would.


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