Can you put out a fire with fire or dry up water with water? Then how does it make sense to change hate with hate or end violence with a violent act?

Where do you see it befitting to spew words of disdain and ill wishes to a race and claim you are unable to be racist?

How is it possible to demand different but want to remain comfortable in the sameness of the way things are? Is it not insanity to continue to do the same thing, the same way, and EXPECT the results to differ? If so, why continue to engage in activities that leave you bitter and angry as you’re crying out for different? Would it not suit one better if they actually put forth effort to create a platform, bringing forth the desired outcome?

Lastly I must ask, do you truly believe that if you knew better that you would do better? Then why are you not doing the things claimed to have already been known by you?

These are actions executed out of fear. Fearful people expects others to change for that is the only way known for change to come. And because of this, they limit their blessings. Instead of receiving blessings from the Creator of man, they receive from man what’s deemed worthy. And placing value in man is putting self worth in the next man’s self of worth. But the best news of all news is…IT’S NOT OUR FAULT AND THERE IS BETTER!!

If you have been misled by the teachings of the ignorant and have discovered so,  please, I urge you not to discount God’s Love, Truth and Forgiveness as that will leave you a fool more foolish than the ignorant who didn’t know different. For you would have come to know different, therefore allowing you an opportunity to do different, so you may experience different to have different, ultimately becoming different.

False teachings (not claiming intent of evil intent) is the equivalent of a virus past around through the invincible energetic field, leaving traces of ignorance within every soul that’s exposed. And this prevents reconnecting with God and receiving promised tressures.

As such, I have been sent to remind you of what has become forgotten. I will share with you today in the familiar language of these times, as Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ did in his times.

I will help you become strong in your faith. Assit you in answering questions that have long since eluded you. You will feel the reconnection from deep within and it will be there you discover truth.

Truth to God’s everlasting, unwavering and undying love for ALL of us.

This is my mission and God’s purpose for me. To be the bridge crossing you over Back2Source.

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