There was a time I was afraid to remember. A struggle that came about due to my fear of not being real and the thought of me being alone because of it.

That’s some shit to go through…especially when you know you know why, but was to afraid of not being afraid because not being afraid left me vulnerable. This is when I came to fully embrace and understand the rightfully coined term, “As above…so below. As within…as without.”

Our life’s experiences are nothing more than a mirrored mirage of us. In other words, there are billions of our Own selves amongst Us who too are experiencing their Own mirages through a mirrored reality. 

So I ask you, what if you came to believe the same, how would your life differ? What limits you’ve currently come to know would disappear as quickly as this new belief came about? 

I really want you to IMAGINE a life through this perception for a bit. Next I want you to THINK about it for an even longer amount of time. Now tell me what are your THOUGHTS? 

This was the process I’ve come to use to conquer my fears and quelch the self-limiting ego and created a new one. One that screams in my head, “You can do this! Nothing and no one can stop you! You ARE the physical expression of God! Through you ALL things are possible, for you are PERFECT in the eyes of the Lord, A King, the Creator of all creations, of Our TRUE Father!” This has become my new self-talk. 

What if it were yours? How woukd your life change? Let me know by leaving a comment below. 


Love and Light Always


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