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Soul Care, Elevates the Thinker, Feeler and Doer

Universal Life Trinity teaches others how to begin to love life and enjoy it to the fullest capacity of their limited imaginations, by co – creating a magically delicious life refined.

U.L.T. brings clarification on the interconnections of the three spiritual realms (Transcendental, Psychoenergetic and Physical) with the triune of man (Spirit, Soul and Body) for the soul’s purpose of becoming magically delicious in all its beingness. Using the scriptures of the Bible as a point for reference, it serves as a guide for bringing clarity to the interconnection and integration of the realm of Spirit and plane of Man.

As man is a threefold being, spirit, soul, and body, so the Bible is a trinity in unity. It is body as a book of history; soul as a teacher of morals; and spirit as a teacher of the mysteries of being.”

Soul Care is loving God fully as God Loves you fully. Loving yourself is loving God back.


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